Yes, the Yellow Tail Super Bowl ad was that awful

Yellow Tail Super Bowl adNo, Yellow Tail, I don’t wanna pet your roo

Oh, the burdens the Wine Curmudgeon must bear. Like being right so often, and especially about TV wine ads and even more especially about the recent Yellow Tail Super Bowl ad.

Or, as, one observer noted: “Was Yellow Tail just looking for a tax writeoff?”

I was afraid this would happen, as I noted in last week’s wine and Super Bowl post: “But I don’t have high hopes. The company’s last TV ad was – to put it politely – a dud. …”

And, by all accounts, so was this one, combining jock-itch humor, pitiful Australian stereotypes, and even, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, a hint of bestiality – “Wanna pet my roo?” That the guy in the Yellow Suit was the best part of the commercial, even better than the super model in the bikini, should give you an idea of the mess here. We are talking chalk on blackboard, over and over and over.

My guess is that someone told Yellow Tail that the ad should be aimed at Millennial craft beer drinkers, which meant it needed to be edgy, border on tastelessness, and do whatever else it is older creative types think young men and women want. And Yellow Tail, being an Australian company, had to trust the U.S. creative types that it was paying.

Which brings us to the Wine Curmudgeon’s golden rule of business, something that I wish more big companies thought about before they did something dumb: If you’re going to spend a lot of money on something stupid, give me 20 percent of the money you’re going to spend instead of doing it. That way, you’ll still have 80 percent, I’ll be able to retire to Burgundy, and no one will be able to write a blog post giggling at your foibles.

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    Oh wow. SO bad.

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