Tuesday tidbits 58: Wine.com top 100, Randall Grahm, wine pairing widget

? Cheap wine galore: The Wine Curmudgeon was impressed with the good taste displayed by Wine.com ?s customers. The Internet retailer released its 100 most popular wines, based on sales, and four of the top 10 cost $10 or less, including Wine Curmudgeon favorite Cristalino. The best selling wine was the $10 Chilean Veramonte cabernet sauvignon, and only two of the top 10 cost more than $15. One question, though: Why buy Cristalino and pay shipping when it ?s in most discount wine stores?

? Because one can never get too much Randall Grahm: Our old pal Dan Berger reports that the iconoclastic master of Bonny Doon is up to his usual tricks, which is good for the wine business and for those of us who care about quality and not scores. Writes Berger: ?All this internalized angst is nothing new for Grahm, who I once described as the James Joyce of wine, only to have him suggest it might be best to use the term James Juice. ?

? Wine and food: I ?m not sure if this is the be all and end all, but it is clever. The Wine Market Council has developed a wine and food pairing gizmo that lets you pick a wine and to pair with good or a food to pair with wine. It ?s still simple (pick fish, and there are only a handful of dishes), and it doesn ?t take a computer to come up with pairing chardonnay with smoked trout. But it ?s a nice start.

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