Winebits 98: All about the wine business

? So you want open a winery? This primer, from the Bergman Euro-National wine real estate brokerage, is as good as anything I have ever seen. The most important point? Start with lots and lots and lots of money, since an acre of quality California land begins at around $100,000 and it will cost you $6,000 an acre to run the vineyard.

? Wine industry salaries: And you ?ll have to count on paying your employees more, according to a survey from the magazine Wine Business Monthly. Winemaker salaries increased 3.5 percent and vice presidents of sales positions were up 6.3 percent over the past year ? despite the recession. Overall salaries increased by 4.1 percent in 2009.

? Working for a winery: Want to know what it ?s like? Then check out the Share the Crush Fantasy blog, written by Folie a Deux intern Lori Carter. She writes about her experiences working during harvest and grape crushing, which is not, in any way, shape or form, fun. Or, as Lori writes about one of her tasks: ?I hook up the intake hose to a bin with a screen to catch skins and seeds and an outtake hose to an empty tank. From here, I drain the tank through the screen and send the juice it to the empty tank. Did I forget to mention that we are dealing with 1000 gallons of juice running through the filter

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