Winebits 96: Wine bloggers, wine sales, Randall Grahm

? Top 7 bloggers: A study notes the most popular bloggers among the wine community, most of whom really aren ?t bloggers. Eric Asimov is the wine columnist for the New York Times (ranked first), Eric Orange ?s Local Wine Events (ranked second) is a calendar listing and Jancis Robinson (tied for fourth) has been the leading wine writer in Great Britain for more than a decade. Only two true blogs ? Vinography and Dr. Vino ? made the top 7. I suppose that the Mainstream Marketing types will, one day, figure out this Internet thing.

? Wine sales rise in 2008: For what that ?s worth, of course. Nothing like releasing a survey that is outdated before it is even released. Still, a Connecticut consultancy says wine sales, as measured by the number of cases sold, increased by .9 percent in 2008. Most of the experts to see case sales decline this year, which would be the first annual decrease since the early 1990s. Two items worth noting in this study: Imported wines dropped 1.8 percent, while domestics rose 1.9 percent, and it said that Millennials ?(age 21 to 30) are changing perceptions of wine. This generation is not as sophisticated about wine as preceding generations and is willing to experiment with wines at lower price points. ? Shocking news, huh, that consumers are willing to buy cheap wine?

? ?Been Doon So Long ?: Winemaker and provocateur Randall Grahm ?s book will soon be published. I may even write a review in time for holiday gift giving. The book is a collection of bits, pieces and oddities that have appeared in Grahm ?s various newsletters over the years, including his famous ?A Clockwork Orange Muscat. ?