Winebits 81: Aussie Two Buck Chuck, analysts and the recession,

? $3 Aussie wine: Bronco Wine, which brought the world Two Buck Chick, is going to bring $3 Australian chardonnay called Down Under to the U.S., and the Aussies aren ?t happy about it. Said one winemaker: ?The prospect of a three-dollar Australian chardonnay called Down Under does make me cringe, I must admit I realize you can’t stop people making dirt-cheap wines, but I’d prefer it if they didn’t have Australia written on the label." Bronco is buying Australian chardonnay for pennies on the dollar, thanks to an almost unprecedented oversupply in Australia.

? Words of wisdom: We ?re buying less expensive wine and not eating out as much, a couple of analysts said at a major industry event — and alcohol is not recession proof. Said one: ?Consumers want the most for what they spend. ? This is why the Wine Curmudgeon has always wanted to be an analyst. I can figure these things out, and I work cheap.

? Updated Web site:, the free calendar service that details wine events in most of the places in the world where people drink wine (even a listing for Hanoi), has a new look. Founder Eric Orange says to expect a faster and better server, as well. It looks clean and efficient, and it is faster.

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