Winebits 79: Recession update, Dan Berger wisdom, Eric Asimov on cheap wine

? Cheap wine is good wine: Ah, validation.Joseph Gallo, (yes, that Gallo), speaking at a conference for states that sell liquor (or control states), on the effect of the recession: ?People realize that wine they'd never consider before is actually good.  It has started a trend that you don't have to pay a lot for wine to taste good…the market is showing that. ? Note to Mr. Gallo and other industry types: The Wine Curmudgeon has many thoughts on this subject. Give me a call. I ?m actually a lot less expensive than most of the consultants you pay.

? Add an ice cube: The next time some wine drinker is being particularly snotty, show them this, from the great Dan Berger. Berger, who knows more about wine than most of the rest of us combined, focused a recent column on the theme of ?Hey, if you like it, go for it. It ?s your dinner table and your wine. Do what you like. ? Among his suggestions? Yes, adding an ice cube if the wine is too warm or too alcoholic.

? ?I have nothing against people who choose to drink boring wines:" Eric Asimov, the wine columnist for the New York Times, has an intriguing look at cheap wine. He makes a distinction that I would argue with, since it assumes that most cheap wine is boring wine. This, of course, is far from the case. He also recommends several cheap American-made wines (though his definition of cheap includes wines that cost $20). He laments that there aren ?t more, which surprised me. I ?d suggest he try the Bogle petite sirah and the Avalon Napa cabernet, as well as Peirano's The Other Red and White.

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