Winebits 685: Jerry Jones, grape prices, Vivino

jerry jones
“Quick — see if you can get a shot of the wine Jerry is buying at the 7-Eleven.”

This week’s wine news: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stocks up on wine at 7-Eleven, plus a decade-low for grape prices and wine app Vivino raises $155 million

Not high-end Napa: How bad is the winter weather in Dallas this week? So bad that well-known oenophile, the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, bought wine at an area 7-Eleven. Jones is known for spending $200 or so for a bottle of Caymus Special Selection, a high-end Napa cult wine. So what was he buying at a convenience store? Can’’t tell from the picture in the link (though likely not a $6 bottle). But regular visitors here know that the convenience store wine selection is much better than it used to be and is one of the few bright spots in wine sales over the past couple of years. And, as always, I am happy to offer my services to Jones if he needs advice buying cheap wine, even at the 7-Eleven.

Low prices: California grape prices fell below $700 a ton in 2020, the lowest mark in almost 10 years. The USDA report noted near-decades low prices for almost all kinds of wine grapes – one more indication of the California grape glut. When will this translate into lower wine prices? Your guess is as good as mine, given the Big Wine oligopoly that controls pricing in the U.S.

Cash for Vivino: Vivino, the on-line wine app that lets users rate wine and also sell it to them, has raised $155 million in new funding. This is just another sign that Internet wine – despite the legal obstacles – is becoming more mainstream. It follows on the news last week that Uber bought wine delivery app Drizly for more than $1 billion.

Photo: “ESPN Camera Guy getting everyone ready to bring out Jerry Jones” by {algo+rhythm} | Labs is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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