Winebits 660: Takeout wine, James Beard awards, Drizly

takeout wineThis week’s wine news:  Takeout wine is on the upswing because of the pandemic, plus no James Beard awards this year and Drizly, the booze delivery app, raises $50 million

More takeout wine? One-third of us have ordered takeout wine, beer, and spirits during the pandemic, and almost 60 percent of us want states to make ordering takeout booze permanent. That’s the result of a survey from something called, which sells used restaurant equipment. Yes, that’s an odd source for a survey like this, but it’s worth noting if only because the survey lists its methodology. Most of the “studies” that do this sort of thing to get cyber-ink just flash the headline and leave it at that. This methodology seems legit; my only concern is the average age of the respondents is 36.

No Beard awards: The James Beard Awards, the Oscars for the restaurant business, won’t be given in 2020 or 2021. The 2020 nominees will be recognized, but the awards won’t be given because of restaurant business turmoil during the pandemic. The “foundation believes the assignment of awards will do little to further the industry in its current uphill battle,” it said in a statement. In addition, buried toward the end of the news release, the Beard Foundation said it would try to make the awards more transparent and equitable — an acknowledgement, said the report in the link, that awards go to “mostly to white men, with the same nominees being named over and over again.”

Cash for Drizly: Drizly, the alcohol delivery app, has raised $50 million for what the company calls supporting its “laser focus on alcohol delivery.”  The additional cash comes as Drizly has thrived during the pandemic, growing more than 350 percent so far this year. The news release is worth reading not just for the news, but for its wonderful use of business-speak, which makes no sense to anyone but the people who wrote the release. My favorite? “Retailers that join Drizly experience incremental growth from new customers. …”, which means absolutely nothing. Do retailers who join Drizly experience incremental losses? Of course not. That’s the company’s fancy way of saying that not everyone picks up a lot of new business.

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