Winebits 556: Wine is evil edition

wineThis week’s wine news: The neo-Prohibitionists want to stop us from drinking, and they’re going to scare the hell out of us in the process. Right, Starbucks?

You’re going to die: If you drink, no matter how little, bad things will happen. That’s the conclusion of a study published last week in the Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals. In this, it goes out of its way to contradict current medical wisdom about moderate drinking, including a quote from one of the Prohibitionists at the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. One would assume that if it’s in the Lancet, the methodology is legitimate, but the story does note that this approach is different from other, less scary, booze studies. And let’s not forget why most of these efforts are seriously flawed. Finally, if you can make it to the end of the surprisingly poorly written story, you’ll see that this study contradicts an earlier Lancet study.

We mean it – you’re going to die: An alcohol research group in Britain says more than two-thirds of booze sales in England are to people who are drinking above safe limits. The rest of the story is the usual anti-drinking frightfest, so it overlooks a key point. The problem is not moderate drinking, but excessive drinking. Because, if one reads carefully, we learn that the four percent of the population who drinks too much in England accounts for 23 percent of the country’s liquor sales. So why punish those of us who aren’t the problem?

Because you’re all going to die: So many of us are so terrified about the health risks of drinking that the next big growth market will be non-alcoholic booze, reports It forecasts an almost 8 percent growth rate for non- and low-alcohol beer and wine, more than four times the growth rate for wine in the U.S. One of the giggles in the story? Millennials, who are supposed to save the wine business, have made an “incredible shift” to non- and low-alcohol products, says the report.

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3 thoughts on “Winebits 556: Wine is evil edition

  • By Sean - Reply

    WC, That’s why I have formed the Committee to Eradicate Natural Causes in the US (CENCUS). We are accepting donations and other financial support – don’t delay, your help is desperately needed!!

    It’s been proven time and time again that the GREATEST killer is, and has been, natural causes. It’s reports like these that make me wonder when the medical community will lay off the whole ‘wine is b-a-a-a-a-ad’ hysteria and finally come to: it’s CENCUS.

  • By Jay - Reply

    I’ve always loved that picture. I wonder how many guys at that time said “no problem!”

    The fact is that we are all going to die. Our obligation to ourselves is to enjoy the ride as best we can without hurting others. If moderate alcohol consumption and consuming artery-clogging foods is part of what makes you happy I say go for it! Extending a joyless life for a year or two seems counterproductive.

  • By Marty - Reply

    One of my favorite quotes comes out whenever I am in the presence of a health zealot who is about to graze on their favorite (?) cardboard snack, or drink a “flavoured mineral enhanced water”.
    “Everyone who eats/drinks that stuff, dies”. Undisputed fact.

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