Winebits 552: Napa real estate, legal weed, pop culture booze

napa real estateThis week’s wine news: Napa real estate defies every law of economics, while the Scots tussle over legal weed and more pop culture-themed booze

Land, land, land: Napa real estate prices continue to rise, and in doing so violate almost every law of economics. The latest example? A hotel property that sold for $52.5 million in 2017 sold for $102 million this summer. The new owners, not surprisingly, are wine collectors. What does it say about the cost of Napa wine, which needs even pricier vineyard land, when property for a hotel doubles in value in one year? It’s not a pretty thought, is it?

Scottish battle: A new stadium sponsor for a soccer team in Scotland’s top league is causing controversy, reports the BBC. The Hamilton Academical team has renamed its grounds HopeCBD Stadium after the company paid a “five-figure sum.” HopeCBD sells products containing cannabidiol, which is produced from marijuana plants. They’re sold in Britain as nutritional supplements, including oils, sprays, vapes, candies, and tea bags, and the company compares them to alcohol-free beer.

Game of Thrones: If “Game of Thrones” wine wasn’t enough, how about Game of Thrones Scotch? British drinks giant Diageo release eight single-malt labels next year in time for the show’s final season. Each will come from a different distillery, and will be named for a different house or group from Westeros, the fictional land where much of the series is set. Apparently, Westeros uses the whisky spelling, just as Scotland does, and not the whiskey spelling we use in the U.S. No doubt there will be a blood spattering, head-splitting battle to decide which is more correct.