Winebits 527: Gina Gallo, Bon Jovi, airline wine

Gina GalloThis week’s wine news: Gina Gallo speaks (yes, that Gallo), plus more celebrity wine and how to bring wine on an airplane

Keynote speech: Gina Gallo of E&J Gallo, who oversees winemaking at the family company – the largest wine producer in the world – made a rare public speech at a key wine trade show last month. That’s news in itself, reports W. Blake Gray on; what’s more interesting is what she said as she talked about Gallo family values and how it affects the business: “Our vision for Gallo is to continue to grow by following the values learned at the family dinner table: Be compassionate. Work hard. Act as a family.”

No more, please: Is it any wonder that the Wine Curmudgeon is so cynical about celebrity wine? Consider this, from the release announcing rock legend Jon Bon Jovi’s new $25 rose, Diving into Hampton Water: He wanted to “to create a unique rosé, uniting the essence of the relaxed lifestyles of the Hamptons and the South of France.” Who knew that those of us who championed rose all those years ago, when it was pink wine that no one wanted to drink, would have created this monster? I wonder: Is this how Richard Lester feels about music videos?

Do you really want to try this? Gilbert Ott, who writes a travel blog called God Save the Points, says travelers can legally bring their own wine onto airplanes and forgo the plonk that most airlines serve. His reasoning sounds legitimate, but I can’t see myself doing it. I’ve spent too much time in TSA lines to imagine that I could actually get wine through security. And even if I did, I’d still have to deal with airline employees. Can you imagine trying to explain to a flight attendant that it’s OK to pour my wine, and showing them this guy’s blog?

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