Winebits 465: Birthday Week 2016 odds and ends

MillennialsThis week’s wine news: Millennials and Baby Boomers love the blog, plus way more posts than any one Curmudgeon should have to write

Younger and younger:  The top age group visiting the blog last year was young, 25 to 34, accounting for one-quarter of the site’s visitors. That’s something I’ve been trying to do for years — to get younger so I could spread the gospel to people who haven’t already made up their minds about wine. In fact, the 35 to 44 age group tied the 55-64s for second, at 18 percent each. It also makes the blog far different from the Winestream Media, which still focuses on the Baby Boomers. I’m still too male, 55 to 45 percent, but that can be my project for 2017.

Almost 2,700 posts: Which, if you think about it, is impressive — the Wine Curmudgeon hunched over the keyboard pounding away since November 2008, taking on the combined might of the wine cyber-ether. About one in five of those posts have been $10 wine reviews, something that surprised me when I looked it up. You’d think I would have written more of them given what I do here. Then again, how many $10 wine reviews does anyone else do?

Linux at one percent: Those of us who run Linux refuse to believe that it accounts for only one percent of the computer operating systems in use, which is the usual figure given by tech analysts. But this is the second year in a row that one percent of the blog’s visitors used Linux to get here, so maybe the analysts are correct. Apple’s iOS mobile system and Windows were first and second, with about a third each. And the death of the Firefox browser has not been exaggerated, if my figures mean anything. It’s a distant third behind Chrome and Safari (about 40 percent each), barely edging the woeful Internet Explorer. If the best you can do is barely edge Internet Explorer, you’re in trouble.

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