Winebits 463: Foolish wine drinks, Texas wine, alcohol consumption

foolish wine drinksThis week’s wine news: How is this for a foolish wine drink? Hot chocolate made with cabernet sauvignon, plus Texas wine and booze consumption

Not in my mouth: The Wine Curmudgeon is ever vigilant to keep the hipsters and various dudes from doing to wine what they have done to other parts of American life, like the fedora. So know that one of their newest is something called red wine hot chocolate, which made me shudder when I read about it. Talk about a foolish wine drink. Mixing red wine and chocolate is bad enough, but red wine and milk? Note to hipsters: There is already something like this, and it’s called Irish coffee, and it will get any winter drinking job done that needs getting done without ruining a decent glass of red wine.

Not in my state: How do we know Texas wine is worth drinking? Because a glossy travel magazine quotea a San Francisco food and wine writer saying so. There is a Curmudgie in this for someone, I think. “As a wine writer in California, I certainly don’t feel any need to pay attention to Texas,” says Jordan Mackay. “But as someone who grew up in Texas, I’m fascinated by it. The fact that a wine culture can switch from inappropriate grapes to esoterica like Trebbiano and Montepulciano is really cool.” How did I ever go all these years without once using the word ‘esoterica’ in any of my writing?

Not in my country: Alcohol consumption in the United Kingdon has fallen by nearly 20 percent over the past 10 years, and alcohol per capita is about the same as it was in 1979, reports Apparently, the country’s campaign against booze, which has included education, minimum pricing, and new laws is working. In this, says the article, the British drinks business must focus not on getting people to drink just to drink, but to get them to drink whatever will become popular as these drinking patterns continue to change. It’s an interesting article and speaks to the challenges facing the alcohol business as younger people drink less than their parents and grandparents.

One thought on “Winebits 463: Foolish wine drinks, Texas wine, alcohol consumption

  • By Michael Cummins -

    I was saddened by your rant, “Not in my Mouth.” I feel like you broke too many of you own rules as you decried the red wine hot chocolate drink. From your post, The eight-step program to enjoying wine, you broke rules 1, 2, 4, possibly 5, and definitely 8 (See link below).

    My argument is not that you would like the drink or even should like the drink, but if your readers like it, let them drink it. Your article on from July 2014 you say, “what I consider the only rule of wine: Drink what you like, but be willing to try different kinds of wine. Because how else will you find out what you like?” While you may argue the red wine hot chocolate drink isn’t wine in its pure form, it goes against the spirit of what you preach. You should not push someone away from trying a drink because you think they won’t or shouldn’t like it. Are Hipsters really destroying wine through experimentation? I say, “Bring on the weird drink mixes.” After I have tried it, I can form my own opinion on whether or not I like it.

    If you agree with me, I dare you to try the red wine hot chocolate for yourself upon the principals of what you preach. Preferable try it alone, just in case it makes a speedy exit from your mouth.

    Your humble reader and wine novice,

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