Winebits 242: Moscato, lawsuits, wine prices

? Is the moscato craze over? The Wine Curmudgeon wonders, because plans have been announced for a $15 moscato called SIP, from the same people who do Layer Cake. Given that moscato ?s popularity is based on the fact that it ?s cheap and sweet, that someone thinks there is a market for a pricey moscato that is not quite as sweet means the wise guys are starting to look at the moscato market. And when the wise guys start to look at something, it ?s time for the rest of us to look elsewhere.

? Copycat bottles? Yes, another wine business intellectual property dispute. This time, reports, one Champagne maker is threatening to sue another because the latter ?s bottle shape is too similar to the former ?s. Apparently, there is more than just the way the bottle looks ? this particular shape affects how the wine ages or tastes or something. I ?m not quite clear on that. Still, aren ?t you glad I follow this stuff, so you don ?t have to?

? ?Get over it! ? Or so says the Wine Spectator ?s Matt Kramer, who is apparently tired of hearing people complain about various parts of the wine business, including wine prices. ?Now, you or I may not like it. Hell, we most certainly do not like it. But what we like or don't like is pretty much beside the point. The juggernaut will keep rolling. ? Ah, bliss ? is it any wonder I so enjoy the Spectator?

One thought on “Winebits 242: Moscato, lawsuits, wine prices

  • By Bobby Cox -

    hey Jeff,
    I don’t think the muscat craze is over. The wines have a “not wine” flavor that many like. As you know the problem we have in Texas is not that they aren’t drinking my wine or your wine it is that they aren’t drinking anyones wine.

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