Winebits 159: Holiday wine

A look at what some of the rest of the wine world is recommending that we drink this holiday season:

? Port for dessert: The great Dave McIntyre reminds us not to overlook port as a gift: “Champagne comes to mind, but a less obvious and equally impressive choice is Port.” Best yet, four of his five choices are around $20 or less — a huge value for port.

? Eric Asimov likes sparkling wine: The New York Times wine columnist, in his holiday rundown, notes that “Unless the object of your largesse is seriously misanthropic, Champagne is always ? I repeat, always ? welcome. …” His choices? Charles Heidsieck Brut R serve and Camille Sav s Carte Blanche. Asimov, as always, has impeccable taste (and the wines aren’t ridiculously expensive.)

? Sommelier wine: Even wine experts in Los Angeles are in search of value, reports the Los Angeles Times. Their choices include Alsace’s Albert Mann, sparkling from the Loire, and Spanish bubbly. I know the first two — very nice wines.

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