Wine of the week: Terre del Fohn Marzemino 2015

terre del fohnThe Terre del Fohn Marzemino is a unique and intriguing Italian red wine, sold at a fair price

Know two things about this Italian red wine – first, that it isn’t as available as I would like. Second, that I had a witness when I bought it, so everyone who comments and emails about availability can rest easy. You can find it.

The Terre del Föhn Marzemino ($12, purchased, 12%) is the kind of wine that appeals to those of us who like varietal character and terroir, as well as those who think the first group is much too geeky. I bought it to drink with a colleague from my political column writing days who likes to drink wine but not worry about what he’s drinking. His reaction? “I have to work this afternoon. But I want to finish the bottle.”

The Terre del Fohn is made with the little known marzemino grape, native to the Trentino region and mentioned in Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Other than that, there’s no reason for anyone to be aware of it – and which explains its less than ideal availability in our cabernet sauvignon-driven world.

The Terre de Fohn is an intriguing wine, with an almost violet aroma, lots of berry fruit, and a soft, sort of New World finish that’s almost bereft of tannins and has less acidity than I expected. In other words, the ideal wine for visiting with an old pal over muffalettas.

Imported by Tricana Imports

One thought on “Wine of the week: Terre del Fohn Marzemino 2015

  • By Norman Alston - Reply

    Here to testify. I was there when you found it……..and drank it!. I’m always eager to help.

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