Wine of the week: Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc+Viognier 2015

Pine Ridge chenin blanc viognierThis vintage of the Pine Ridge chenin blanc viognier blend is crisp and delicious, and costs closer to $10 in more stores

The Pine Ridge chenin blanc viognier blend has long been one of the Wine Curmudgeon’s favorites, and a fixture in the $10 Hall of Fame – until last year, when price creep forced me to drop it. I was not happy, but as nice as it is at $10 or $12, it’s not nearly the value at $15. And I was seeing it priced regularly at $15.

The good news this year is that pricing for the Pine Ridge ($10, purchased, 12.5%) seems to have calmed down, and it’s possible to find it for less than $15 in more places. So, as I do the 2017 $10 Hall of Fame over the next couple of weeks, it’s more likely than not that it will return.

This year’s version relies more on the chenin than the viognier, so it’s a crisper, less stone fruit kind of wine, and not as soft as in years past. That’s a welcome change, since it gives the wine more character. Look for lemon fruit, not as much apricot as years past, and a little something in the back that’s almost peppery.

Highly recommended, and the kind of wine to buy by the case to keep around during the holidays.

One thought on “Wine of the week: Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc+Viognier 2015

  • By Pam - Reply

    Good advice. I enjoyed this wine

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