Wine of the week: Layer Cake Rose 2016

layer cake roseThe Layer Cake rose is California pink wine with style and a fair price

In the early days of the blog, I wrote about Layer Cake wines quite a bit, if for no other reason than the producer sent me samples. Then I wrote this, got a comment from the producer, and the samples stopped.

So when I bought the Layer Cake rose ($12, purchased, 13.2%), I did so with an ulterior motive. If I liked the wine and wrote a positive review, would the samples return?

Because the Layer Cake rose is quality pink wine from California’s Central Coast – much better than I thought it would be, showing both varietal correctness and even a little terroir. In this, it reminded me of the Toad Hollow rose that Todd Williams made before he died.

That means cherry pinot noir fruit, fine rose-style acidity, and even some flintiness in the back — not flabby or soft at all. The latter is an especial problem with many grocery store wines, which prize focus group smoothness above all other qualities.

This is a rose to enjoy whether it’s a record-setting 96 in Dallas in October or if you just like rose. And it’s also a wine to keep in mind as the holidays approach.

And not to worry, Layer Cake. You don’t have to start sending me samples again. I’m OK with our relationship the way it is.

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