Wine of the week: La Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc 2016

La Petite PerriereThe La Petite Perriere sauvignon blanc reaffirms France’s cheap wine greatness in this age of $1,000 French wines

It’s not often I take one sip of a wine and know that I have found a great cheap wine, something destined for the $10 Hall of Fame. But that was the case with the La Petite Perriere sauvignon blanc.

Best yet, the La Petite Perriere ($10, sample, 12.5%) is widely available – Kroger even, or so the importer rep told me. This is French sauvignon blanc that tastes like French sauvignon blanc: minerally and flowery, with just enough citrus (lemon zest?) to show that it’s sauvignon blanc. You won’t find New Zealand-style grapefruit or the California candied lemon that predominate in sauvignon blanc these days — even when the wine isn’t from New Zealand or California.

And why not? This is $10 wine made by a family that has been in the wine business since the French Revolution. If they aren’t going to take the proper care, who is? Even more impressive: Arnaud Saget, who helps run the family business, said the La Petite Perriere plays a key role in the company’s U.S. business, as much part of what Saget does here as its more expensive wines (including an amazing $25 Sancerre). I hear that about has often as I taste a cheap wine’s greatness with one sip.

Highly recommended, and almost certain to join the $10 Hall of Fame in 2019. Pair this with poulet roti and roasted potatoes; food and wine pairings don’t get much better.