Wine of the week: Falesco Vitiano Rosso 2014

Vitiano RossoEven with a difficult vintage, this is still another quality $10 Vitiano Rosso

The three Vitiano wines were some of the first great cheap wines I tasted when I started the blog, and they remain standards of quality and value aw we celebrate the WC’s ninth birthday. It also means I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt if something seems different, which is the case with this vintage of the Vitiano Rosso.

It’s not that the Vitiano Ross ($10, purchased, 13%) isn’t worth drinking; it’s that the 2014 doesn’t taste exactly the way I think this Italian red blend should taste. That’s not a problem with the wine, but with my expectations after a decade of tremendous vintages.

In fact, Italy’s 2014 “black harvest” hurt the quality of wine throughout the country, including Umbria, where the Vitiano Rosso is made. Which probably explains why the wine isn’t as sharp and to the point as it usually is. Rather, it’s softer and more New World than previous vintages, and you can taste the smidgen more of merlot in the blend with sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon. Not coincidentally, one of the wine magazines gave it 91 points – a couple of points higher than it got for the vintages I enjoyed most.

Having said that, it’s still nicely done and worth drinking, with quality cherry fruit, a little plum aroma, and lots of finish. It’s pizza dn spaghetti and drinking because you want a glass of red, and we know how much we need one of those. I just want more earth and acidity, but who am I to argue with 91 points from the Winestream Media?

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    The Vitiano Rosso 2014 was totally unexpected. The smoothness of the blend was evident from the first sip. I know keep 3 bottles on hand at all times…What a great find!!!

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