Wine of the week: Domaine du Tariquet Classic 2015

domaine du tariquetThis vintage of the legendary Domaine du Tariquet may be the best yet

How enjoyable is this year’s Domaine du Tariquet? It may be the best bottle ever of the Wine Curmudgeon’s favorite Gascon white blend, and that’s saying something since I’ve waxed eloquent about it for eight vintages.

What makes the Domaine du Tariquet ($10, purchased, 10.5%) a great cheap wine? First, it’s simple but not stupid, with every flavor where it should be. The 2015 has the white grapiness I like, but also some lemon and lime that adds a little interest. That’s the biggest difference between this vintage and the others, which didn’t have as much citrus.

Second, ugni blanc, colombard, and gros manseng, three of the four grapes in the wine (sauvignon blanc is the other, and lends the extra citrus). What better way to irritate a wine snob than to mention your $10 white Gascon blend with ugni blanc? Let them find that in a $200, 92-point red something or other with its leather and cigar box aromas.

Third, it’s refreshing and fun to drink, and shows off its low alcohol. Fourth, it doesn’t require points or a wine app or an expert or special equipment to drink. You buy it, chill it, twist off the screwcap, and enjoy it. What more does an everyday bottle of wine need to be?

Highly recommended, and it will return to the $10 Hall of Fame in 2017.

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  • By Peter Gatti -

    Three of the bestselling wines at the “high-end” shop where I worked for years were the Tariquet Domaine de Pouy (all Ugni Blanc), the Marietta Old Vine Red NV, and Kacher’s Domaine de Corbillières Sauvignon Blanc, all $10 or under. Even the ‘snobs’ can finally fall for a great value!

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