Wine of the week: Comoloco 2014

comolocoThe Comoloco, a red wine from Spain, is a worthy candidate for the 2017 $10 Hall of Fame

How much of a value is the Comoloco, a Spanish red wine? A retailer, in his comments on CellarTracker (the blog’s unofficial wine tracking software), practically apologizes for selling it. Because, of course, nothing this cheap can be this enjoyable.

When will they learn? The Comoloco ($10, purchased, 14%) is made with monastrell and is from the Spanish region of Jumilla near the southeastern Mediterranean coast. Hence, a grape and a region that would rarely get 90-plus points from the Winestream Media. But that’s no reason to apologize for the Comoloco (and its producer, Juan Gil, does similar value worthy wines under other labels).

This is a clean, well-made, post-modern wine, but without the annoying qualities of so similar wines. The sweet red fruit is fresher and not as cloying, you can taste a little welcome acidity, and the wine isn’t hot. Yes, the oak is a bit much, but it fades after the bottle is open for a while.

Highly recommended, and a candidate for the 2017 $10 Hall of Fame. Drink this with winter stews and roasts, and don’t be afraid to buy a second bottle.

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