Wine of the week: Château Haut Beaumard 2015

haut beaumardThe Haut Beaumard is white Bordeaux as it should be – cheap, well-made, and refreshing

White wines from the Bordeaux region of France are some of the least appreciated in the world. One reason is that red Bordeauxs are generally considered the best wines in the world, and another is that many white Bordeauxs aren’t very well made. But when one is done properly, like the Haut Beaumard, it’s a cheap wine joy.

The Haut Beaumard ($10, purchased, 12.5%) shows what can be done with white Bordeaux when the producer is trying to make wine instead of getting rid of the excess inventory produced every year in the Entre-deux-Mers, where most white Bordeaux comes from. This white blend (mostly sauvignon blanc, but also muscadelle) is fresh and crisp, and if it’s not quite as well done as the legendary Chateau Bonnet, it’s still quite enjoyable.

Look for lime and some tropical fruit, as well as the mineralty that shows up in the best-made white Bordeauxs. Highly recommended; drink this chilled as summer arrives, and know that it’s the kind of wine to keep on hand when you want something white and cold at the end of the day.

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    My Total Wine doesn’t carry the Haut Beaumard, so I looked for Chateau Bonnet. They carry a Chateau Tour de Bonnet Blanc but at a $15 price. Is this the same wine as the one you review?

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