Wine of the week: Banfi Centine Bianco 2016

Centine BiancoBanfi’s Centine Bianco is the Hall of Fame quality white wine that complements the producer’s top-notch cheap reds

Banfi’s red Italian sangiovese blend has been a member of the $10 Hall of Fame for a couple of years, but I didn’t know there was a similar white, the Centine Bianco. It’s a good thing for those of us who love quality cheap wine that I found it.

The Centine Bianco ($10, sample, 13%) is a blend of pinot grigio, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc; that the last two are hardly Italian doesn’t hurt the wine at all. This speaks to Banfi’s skill at creating inexpensive wine, that it can make them taste Italian even when the grapes aren’t especially so. Would that more big producers made the effort.

The Centine Bianco is crisp and refreshing, but without the off-putting acidity of badly-made Italian cheap wine. In this, it has tropical fruit flavors instead of the sour lemon candy that passes for fruit in mass-produced pinot grigio.

Highly recommended, and almost certain to return to the $10 Hall of Fame in 12 months.

Imported by Banfi Vintners

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