Wine of the week: Argento Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Argento Cabernet Sauvignon 2014Argento cabernet sauvignon — $10 wine that is varietally correct, and how often does that happen?

The Argento cabernet sauvignon does something that almost no other $10 cabernet can do – deliver legitimate cabernet character. Or as my old pal Rick Rockwell (who likes wine but knows better than to obsess about it) said, “I can’t believe this wine is this good for $10.”

The Argentine Argento wines regularly surprise me. The chardonnay is quite pleasant and the malbec made the 2016 Hall of Fame. The Argento cabernet sauvignon ($10, sample, 13.8%) isn’t quite as impressive as the malbec, but will not disappoint anyone who wants an affordable cabernet that is neither too fruity nor too rough or too bitter.

Look for fresh red fruit, but not so much that it overwhelms what is a simple yet well made wine. There are enough tannins, plus real oak (hard to believe in a wine of this price), and even something herbal. The latter makes a huge difference, transforming this from just another grocery store wine into something worth drinking.

Pair this with red meat; we drank it with Lake Geneva Country Meats bratwurst, and it did nicely.

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