Wine review: Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Spy Valley Sauvignon BlancThe Spy Valley is annually one of the world’s best sauvignon blancs

The most important thing to know about this vintage of the Spy Valley sauvignon blanc? It cost $16, and I’m writing an entire post about it. How often does that happen on the blog?

But the Spy Valley ($16, purchased, 13%) is no ordinary sauvignon blanc. It’s always among the best in the world, not just in quality and value, but in taking the New Zealand style and adding depth and complexity. This is much, much more than grapefruit first, last, and only, but a wine made for people who want wine, and not just something to drink.

The 2016 vintage of the Spy Valley sauvignon blanc has the grapefruit, of course, as well as a hint of tropical fruit and a minerality that doesn’t seem to have been there in previous vintages. In addition, it’s a very young wine and should get softer and rounder, with more layers of flavor, as it ages over the next couple of years. I’d also suggest letting it breathe for at least 20 minutes; that should help with its youth that it has a screwcap.

Highly recommended. Drink this chilled on its own or with almost anything fish or chicken that is grilled or roasted. I do it with a shrimp boil, and it’s always spot on.

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  • By Bartholomew Broadbent -

    Thank you for this lovely review. Now your readers will know why there is not a single day of the year when I do not have several bottles of this in my fridge. It is my wife’s favorite wine and has been for about a decade. Consistently great, just as you say.

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