Wine review: Rosenblum Cellars Pickett Road Vinyard Petite Sirah 2006

image The Wine Curmudgeon likes petite sirah a lot. The grape isn ?t well known, it usually offers lots of value (see the Bogle petite sirah), and it ?s mostly a dark, interesting wine that isn ?t as over the top as shiraz. It should be noted here that petite sirah and syrah and shiraz are related, but not the same grape, and that it’s actually the U.S. version of a French cross called durif.

So it wasn ?t difficult to enjoy this wine, made by Kent Rosenblum, the wine world ?s most famous veterinarian and one of its newest millionaires. The Pickett Road has a chocolate and almost chalky finish, with big cherry fruit in the front. I prefer a little darker style of petite sirah, with less bright flavors. But these grapes come from the Napa Valley, and I suppose this is what happens when one uses luscious, rich Napa fruit to make petite sirah. I paired it with a smoked turkey breast for a July 4 barbecue, and it was quite effective.

The drawback? This is a $25 wine, which is a bit pricey for what it offers. It ?s well made, certainly, but you run into all sorts of metaphysical pricing questions when a wine costs this much. Such as: Should one spend $25 for a petite sirah?

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