Wine review policy

The Wine Curmudgeon practices openness and transparency. No one pays me to review their wine and I don’t accept money for favorable reviews, though I do accept samples from wineries without any preconditions about what I write. However, I also buy wine for review, which accounts for about half the wines reviewed on the site.

Each review notes whether the wine is a sample or purchased in the parenthetical statement where I quote the price — as in, ($10, sample. 12%) or ($14, purchased, 14%). The percentage figure in the statement is the wine’s alcohol content.

I link every wine reviewed to the winery that made it or to a retailer that sells the wine. If the link goes to, I may receive an affiliate commission if the wine is purchased through the blog.

The blog’s demographic information is available through Quantcast; the blog typically ranks in Quantcast’s top 15 percent worldwide.