Wine review: Milbrandt Pinot Gris 2007

image A couple of years ago, Butch Milbrandt, who makes this wine, was in Dallas on a publicity tour. We tasted through the winery ?s offerings, all of which were solid, well-made efforts. I especially liked the riesling and the pinot gris. So, Butch, I asked, when am I going to be able to write about these wines? Because you know, I can ?t write about them unless they ?re available in Dallas. We ?re working on it, he said.

So, two years later, I finally have my chance. It ?s in a couple of smaller stores and a few restaurants (which I ?ll write about next month for Dallas ? Advocate magazines). The point, of course, is why did I have to wait so long to write about such a nice wine? Ah, the travails of availability.

Butch and brother Jerry are well-known Washington state grape growers whose  foray into production side of the business produced this pinot gris (about $15). It ?s fruity (pears, perhaps?) with a long, minerally finish. It ?s salad and porch-sipping wine ? not just for the end of winter, but as the weather warms up.

For more on wine availability and its problems:

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