Wine review: Chateaux La Croix Chantecaille 2005

image Some of the most overpriced wine in the world comes from Bordeaux, thanks to the weak dollar, wine snobs, and speculators. (Yes, people speculate in wine, just like they do real estate and pork bellies). So when the Wine Curmudgeon finds a red Bordeaux that ?s more or less a value, it ?s something to write about.

I found Chateaux La Croix Chantecaille (about $29)when I was putting together a Two Wine Guys event (shameless plug alert) as a birthday present for someone who wanted to do Bordeaux. We did three wines, all terrific, but this was the only one that was worth the money.

This is a mostly merlot with about one-third cabernet franc blend from St. Emilion (on the right bank, for those keeping track). It had more berry fruit than I expected, but still had plenty of dark French earthiness. Or, as one of the guests, whose merlot drinking has been mostly California, asked, ?What ?s that funny taste He did seem to like it, though.

This is a very young wine for a quality St. Emilion, but it was more than ready to drink now. As it ages over the next five or six years, the fruit should mellow and produce a more subtle and interesting wine. The guests had it with rib eye and sauce Bordelaise, a classic pairing.

I may even buy this for myself, cellar it for a few years, and taste it again.

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