Wine of the week: Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant 2014

Vigouroux GouleyantThe Vigouroux Gouleyant shows malbec from France’s Cahors isn’t just for wine geeks

Over the past several years, wine geeks have rediscovered red wine made with malbec from the French region of Cahors, a bit east of Bordeaux. These wines allow them to carry on about malbec’s long history in France, how the grape fell out of favor, and how it ended up in Argentina. The one thing they forget to mention? That malbecs from Cahors like the Vigouroux Gouleyant is a value and well worth drinking.

The Vigouroux Gouleyant ($10, purchased, 12.5%) isn’t rustic or old-fashioned, but it also isn’t anything like an Argentine malbec. There’s a lot more to the wine than the rush of black fruit so common in too many cheap Argentine malbecs. Here, the fruit is more blackberry, so it’s just not sweet. And because it’s from Cahors, there’s also a little earthiness. In this, though it’s a simple wine, it’s not stupid, and delivers more than $10 worth of wine.

Drink this with any weeknight red meat dinner, as well as almost anything with a red sauce or made with red wine, whether it’s a coq a vin or sausage pizza.

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