Wine of the week: Tormaresca Neprica 2010

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?It ?s not going to work any more. ?

?What are you talking about? We ?ve been together since you started the blog ? five years, five vintages. You need me. I need you. ?

?I thought I needed you. But we ?ve grown apart. ?

?How can you say that? We were made for each other. ?

?Maybe we were once. But not any more. You ?ve changed this vintage ($11, purchased), and I don ?t know that I like the changes. Where ?s your Italian character, that darkness that made me want you in a way I never wanted another wine? Where ?s the plum and earth that made you the blog ?s favorite wine for so many years? Instead, you ?re jammy and extracted, with gobs of red fruit and almost no acid for balance. I can get that anywhere ? even from one of those California tarts. ?

?Does this mean it ?s over? After all this time, after all the wine we ?ve shared

?You tell me. Should we give it one more chance, one more vintage? Or is it already too late

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