Wine of the week: Spy Valley Rose 2017

spy valley roseThe Spy Valley rose shows once again that the New Zealand winery is dedicated to quality and value

The Wine Curmudgeon has long praised New Zealand’s Spy Valley, a producer that combines quality with value. Its wines don’t pant and sniff for scores, and almost all of them are interesting and varietally correct. So imagine my excitement when I found the Spy Valley rose on a Dallas store shelf.

I was not disappointed. The Spy Valley rose ($13, purchased, 13%) was everything I hoped it would be. This is a top-notch rose at a more than fair price. Dare I say it’s my new favorite pink?

In this, it has the body and style that’s missing from many more expensive roses – a complexity and roundness that is a hallmark of Spy Valley wines. But it’s also fresh and crisp, with wonderful point noir berry aroma and flavor (plus a little tropical something or other lurking in the background). This wine shows how rose should be made – not as a way to use up leftover grapes to stuff in a fancy bottle, but to make delicious rose.

Highly recommended, and a candidate for the 2018 Cheap Wine of the Year. Drink this chilled with any sort of Labor Day activity, be it sitting on the porch, burgers at a barbecue, or visiting with friends.

Imported by Broadbent Selections

2 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Spy Valley Rose 2017

  • By Bartholomew Broadbent - Reply

    What a lovely review. Thank you so much. I’d like to point out that, unlike a lot of well known New Zealand wineries, Spy Valley is still very much family owned and estate grown. They are not a large winery, maybe midsize, and as you do, I always enjoy their wines. In fact, the Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc is the only wine which is in my fridge 365 days a year. Have you seen their latest release, the E Block Sauvignon Blanc? We love working with them. Thank you again for tasting and reviewing the rose. Bartholomew

  • By Amanda Johnson - Reply

    Thank you for these kind words that I will pass on to our team. When they hear feedback like this, it is inspirational and makes it all worthwhile.
    f you are ever down under, we would love to host you at the winery.
    Warm regards Amanda

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