Wine of the week: Pillar Box Red 2007

The Wine Curmudgeon isn ?t enamored of many Australian red wines, which tend to be so overwhelming that it ?s difficult to appreciate them. But that ?s not the case with the Pillar Box (about $12).

It ?s actually quite restrained for an Aussie red blend that ?s dominated by shiraz ? and, with only 14.5 percent alcohol, practically milquetoast by Down Under standards. Still, it ?s a full-bodied wine (the tasting notes say fleshy, which is reasonable) that isn’t over-oaked, over-extracted, over-tannic, or too acidic. The irony is that people who like huge Aussie wines also like this, and it gets good scores from the Wine Magazines. But the Wine Curmudgeon has always appreciated irony.

Drink this with almost any kind of barbecue (even smoked chicken or turkey), and it will pair with a variety of red sauce food.

3 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Pillar Box Red 2007

  • By Tish - Reply

    Last time I tried Pillar Box Red against Marquis Philips Roogle Red (just about the same price point), I preferred Roogle. THey are definitely both in the same style.

  • By Phil - Reply

    My gosh, for the $5.99 I payed at Costco, it’s the best Austrailan wine I have had in many months. Great with a cigar.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    You can thank the recession and the Aussie wine glut for this. The 2007 is the previous vintage, and Costco has to move it out to make room for the 2008. That is normally a $10-$12 wine.

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