Wine of the week: Perelada Brut Rosado NV

Perelada Brut RosadoWant value and quality? Then the Perelada Brut Rosado is a holiday must

The wine business, and especially the Champagne part of it, has taught us that sparkling wine matters only if it’s made with chardonnay or pinot noir. The Perelada Brut Rosado is here to say otherwise.

It’s made with garnacha, the Spanish version of the grape that produces a wonderfully ripe, cherry-ish flavor, less subtle than pinot noir’s more elegeant cherry. But it’s perfect for the Perelada Brut Rosado ($10, purchased, 11.5%).

That’s because cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, can be a little tonic-like in the wrong hands. The traditional cava grapes offer freshness, some lemon, and not much else if the winemaker isn’t careful. But the way the garnacha is used here fills out the wine, and makes it even fresher and more fun.

Drink this chilled anytime you want bubbly, whether to celebrate over the next week, or because it’s Tuesday night. Highly recommended, and a candidate for the 2017 $10 Hall of Fame when it debuts next week.

2 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Perelada Brut Rosado NV

  • By Miquel - Reply

    You should try the other Rosé made from Trepat. Touch lighter on the palate and a bit more chewy. Usually made as a vintage wine.

    I get the feeling you’ve not found much Cava that impresses, which is a shame as what many are doing in the mid to upper-end of the wine is quite good, especially with the Xarel·lo grape.

    Cheers and best wishes in the new year,

    Wine on VI

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Miquel, how can you say that about the WC and cava? I have been singing its praises for a decade or more, and several cavas are in the $10 Hall of Fame. I love trepat, and much prefer to see it instead of pinot noir in cava. I even have a certificate for blending cava in a competition with other wine writers.

      My point, as cava becomes more available on the U.S. market, is that we’re seeing some wines that aren’t as well made as those that came before them. Hence the comment about the grapes, which I think you are referencing.

      But not to worry. As any regular visitor here will tell you, I probably bore them with praise for cava.

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