Wine of the week: Leonce Bocquet Chablis 2012

Leonce Bocquet Chablis 2012$15 Chablis. That is a value. That tastes like Chablis.

Let me repeat that, to demonstrate how practically giddy this wine made me: $15 Chablis. That is a value. That tastes like Chablis.

Because, frankly, it ?s rare to see $15 Chablis, even more rare when it ?s a value, and more rare again that it tastes like Chablis. Affordable Chablis ? chardonnay from the Chablis region of Burgundy in France ? doesn’t get much better than this.

So what ?s the catch? Because, as regular visitors here know, the Wine Curmudgeon always expects a catch. In this case, it ?s that the Bocquet ($15, purchased, 12.5%) may not be as available as I would like. It ?s not exactly a private label, but it ?s close enough. Which means that if the wine is in your market, it ?s likely to be at only one retailer.

If you can find it, buy some and expect steely acidity, a touch of lemon fruit, and more complexity than one expects in a $15 white Burgundy. It was a bit thin in the back, but, on the other hand, it wasn ?t too fruity or too tart in an attempt to cover up that thinness. And did I mention that it only cost $15?

3 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Leonce Bocquet Chablis 2012

  • By Oliver - Reply

    I agree that this is a good value Chablis. I live in the Houston area so I can imagine which retailer this may have come from, but luckily there are lots of those retailers in this area!

  • By lonnie ray - Reply

    I’m in Round Rock/ Georgetown texas area where can I purchase this wine in my area? Regards Lonnie

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Spec’s, I think. But trying to figure out who sells what is about as inexact as trying to figure out how many clouds are in the sky.

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