Wine of the week: King Estate Pinot Gris 2012

KEPG12_OLOrdinarily, the King Estate would not be a wine of the week, even though it’s one of my favorite wines. But we do not live in ordinary times.

The pinot gris ($12, purchased, 13%), with a suggested retail price of $17, is too expensive for a wine of the week. But it has been for sale around the country for as much one-third less, including Dallas. For a wine of this quality, charging just $12 is giving it away — not much more than the retailer’s cost. That’s the same price as King’s Acrobat, which is supposed to be the company’s less expensive, entry level pinot gris.

So why not take advantage of the price war to write about a wine that is a value at $17?

This is classic Oregon pinot gris — a little rich, clean and crisp, refreshing as can be, and with green apple and a bit of tropical fruit. This is the kind of wine that has helped Oregon make its own way in the pinot grigio/pinot gris debate, offering wine drinkers a more interesting alternative to the oceans of very ordinary pinot grigio most of us buy.

The wine has never disappointed me, and I’ve actually missed getting samples, which stopped a couple of years ago — something I can’t say about some of the samples I get. This is a holiday wine to stock up on, whether for Thanksgiving, for keeping around the house for company, or saving for yourself. Highly recommended.

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