Wine of the week: Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Rose 2012

Vigouroux Pigmentum rose 2012What better way to start the new year and the release of the 2014 $10 Hall of Fame than with a cheap and delicious rose? And from southwestern France, too, home of so much great $10 wine.

The Pigmentum ($10, purchased, 13%) is made with malbec, which gives it a style somewhere between a fruity, strawberry-ish New World rose and and the more traditional and tart French style. But it’s still balanced and food friendly, and well worth drinking again. In fact, in most years, it would have made the hall of fame. This year, though, given all the tremendous candidates, it had to wait. This, apparently, is not an uncommon problem with halls of fame.

The Pigmentum is made by a French wine company, Atrium Vigouroux, which specializes in cheap wine. The rose is for sale in Europe through their site (ah, the joys of unrestricted direct shipping) for ?5 a bottle, and the company’s white blend (which I also like) is only
?4.90. Both work out to less than $8 a bottle. Is it any wonder that those of us who pay attention to these things still see the French wine model as worthy of admiration?

2 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Rose 2012

  • By Adam - Reply

    Am I showing my bias if I say that a ros?? that dark reminds me too much of sickly-sweet Gallo wines of an earlier era? I’m sure it’s perfectly good, but the color really does turn me off.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Understand completely, Adam. I’m old enough to remember those wines as well. But this wine is dry. Interestingly, I rarely describe the color of the wine the way I do the flavor (something most wine writers do). Now I guess I know why.

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