Wine of the week: Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc 2011

Dry Creek dry chenin blancI ?m doing research for an upcoming blog post about U.S. wine sales ? what varietals we ?re drinking, the brands we ?re buying, and so forth. Chardonnay, not surprisingly, is still the white wine of choice for most of us.

This wine and grape are not high on those lists. Which, frankly, is a shame. The Wine Curmudgeon has long been an advocate of chenin blanc, a white wine grape that is fairly well known in France but is known in the U.S., if at all, for indifferently made sweet wine. Chenin blanc is much better than that.

The Dry Creek ($10, purchased) is not indifferently made and is not sweet. In fact, It’s one of the few wines in the world that isn ?t reisling that lists the residual sugar on the label — 0.6 percent, which makes it as dry as many red wines. (Though, given that hardly any consumers know what residual sugar is, it ?s more a good idea in effort than execution).

Look for lots of white fruit aromas, a little lemon peel fruit, and a sort of slate-like, fruit pit finish. This is a wonderful alternative to chardonnay, especially for salads, grilled vegetables, and cheese courses.

One thought on “Wine of the week: Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc 2011

  • By Jdcryans - Reply

    This is the wine they served us at their tasting room 2 months ago while waiting for an available spot to do the actual tasting. So good we bought 3, although at a slightly higher price than you did (that’s what happens when you’re not a member and buying on-site).
    I pair this with oysters and I also noted down that I would pair this with Thai food as an alternative for a cheap Riesling. Cheers!

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