Wine of the week: De Chanceny Cremant Brut Rose NV

De Chanceny Cremant Brut RoseThe De Chanceny Cremant Brut Rose is pink French bubbly just in time for Mother’s Day

The first time the Wine Curmudgeon tasted this French sparkling wine, it was apparently corked – flawed thanks to the chemical TCA, which muted the flavors and gave it the faint aroma of wet newspaper. Hardly pleasant at all.

But, since I am a professional, I tried another bottle a year or so later, and that’s why the De Chanceny Cremant Brut Rose ($15, purchased, 12.5%) is the wine of the week with Mother’s Day on Sunday.

The De Chanceny is made with caberent franc, a red grape, in the Loire region of France, using the same technique as much more expensive Champagne. It’s usually a value, about one-third the price of comparable Champagne, and that’s true here. Look for berry aromas, lots of ripe black cherry fruit mixed with some pleasant tartness, terrific, tight bubbles, and a crisp, clean finish. It’s not as luxurious or yeasty as Champagne, but it’s not supposed to be.

In this, it’s food wine – Mother’s Day brunch certainly, but also a bottle for mom to enjoy when all the celebrating is over and she’s on her own again.

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One thought on “Wine of the week: De Chanceny Cremant Brut Rose NV

  • By burnsey -

    Funny you brought this one up, we have been enjoying this for a few months. A local wine bar features this wine. We even had a bottle on Christmas eve. I’ve been able to pick it up in the $15-$17 range at a local retailer. Also saw it for sale at Whole Foods.

    While on the subject of rose, have you tried the 2018 La Vielle Ferme rose? It has been priced at $749 in our area, and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. I think it will become our go-to summertime rose.

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