Wine of the week: Barefoot Riesling NV

The Wine Curmudgeon has long been ambivalent about Barefoot wines. They seem to occupy the middle ground between Two Buck Chuck, which is usually just cheap, and the $10 wines I like, which are cheap and always worth drinking.

The riesling (about $6, sample), though, impressed me at a recent tasting with winemaker Jen Wall. Wall is a tireless advocate for her wines, and she makes the Wine Curmudgeon almost shy by comparison when it comes to cheap wine. The wine has some tell-tale riesling oiliness and minerality, and if it's not especially fruity, it's not especially sweet, either. That it wasn't sweet surprised me; I shouldn't have been. Wall said she wanted to make a less sweet wine, which is something Barefoot drinkers like.

Drink this during the holiday rush (it even has a screwcap) on its own, or with grilled seafood. It's the kind of wine to pick up at the store, leave in the fridge, and pull out when you need a glass.

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5 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Barefoot Riesling NV

  • By Hampers -

    Nice blog. Love to have Barefoot Riesling NV this Christmas. It is economical. Have never tasted. Hope it tastes well

  • By Jeff Siegel -

    Thanks for the kind words. Let us know what you thought of the wine.

  • By Bill from Wine for Newbies -

    I haven’t had too much from the Barefoot offerings. I noticed Barefoot is making a sparkling wine now, but sadly is using “champagne” on the main label.

  • By Barrell Room Representative -

    Thanks for the review of Barefoot Riesling NV — we definitely feel it???s a great wine, and you bring up a number of great points about it. We???d just like to let you know that this label is available through, if you???re interested in ordering, and here???s a promotional code you can use for 20% off your purchase.
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    Thanks much for the feedback!

  • By vickie -

    Barefoot went and messed with perfection changing the Riesling wine they had with
    the green label to one that is deffiantely
    sweeter with a yellow label. I was told the
    green label is no longer available. Is that
    true. I sure hope not.

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