Wine of the week: Aia Vecchia Maremma 2010

White wines from Tuscany in Italy are not as rare as $10 Champagne, but they’re rare enough. And really well made Tuscan whites are even more rare. So rare, in fact, that this wine’s importer doesn’t even mention the wine on its website. Tuscany only produces red wine, dammit, and don’t you forget it.

So look for the Maremma ($10, sample) and enjoy the laugh you’ll have on the wine snobs. It’s made with the vermentino grape, which is best enjoyed young and usually with seafood. And the Maremma fits this mold: Very, very bright, with crisp acidity — almost too much, which is saying something given the Wine Curmudgeon’s preference for crisp white wines from Italy. It also had a little more fruit than I expected (limeish), but not in an unpleasant, let’s fool the Americans way.

As noted, drink it with seafood (grilled shrimp), but also grilled chicken and as something to enjoy after a long day of holiday shopping.

2 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Aia Vecchia Maremma 2010

  • By bburnsey - Reply

    Always been a fan of Vermentino, didn’t realize until recently that there are french versions of this wine available.

  • By traffic cone - Reply

    Good wine, I think.

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