Wine of the week: Archetype Vineyards Shiraz 2005

The Wine Curmudgeon, as a general rule, does not like shiraz. (It’s one of the two main differences between Robert Parker and myself.) I find the wines to be exaggerations of what they should taste like — too much fruit, too much tannin, and too much alcohol.

So why am I writing about the Archetype? Because it manages to offer shiraz character without tasting like a parody of the grape. It’s not nearly as big and as rich as a shiraz, but much fruiter than a California or French syrah. Look for Wonderful bright berry fruit, with balance between the fruit, acid and alcohol.And, at $15, it offers exceptional value.

3 thoughts on “Wine of the week: Archetype Vineyards Shiraz 2005

  • By Tony - Reply

    Our friends brought over a bottle of 2005 Archetype last Saturday. Even though we live in Healdsburg, we don’t consider ourselves wine to be wine snobs by any means. Let me be brief: The bouquet took a while to establish, I was left with 90% rubbing alcohol, 10% raspberry. On the palate: tobacco and tannin dominate the palate, with maybe a little bit of pineapple. Rogh tannin finish. I’ve had better $3 bottles from trader Joes. Whoever thinks that this is $15 wine should stop smoking so much put and start drinking more wine. An to you Aussies, if you’re gonna keep making crappy jug wine like this, please keep it down there. Don’t contaminate our wine pool. We got plenty of this crap here already.

  • By Jeff - Reply

    I dunno there, Tony. Sounds a bit like you folks waited too long to uncork that particular bottle of wine. WC’s review is only about 4 years old now and no one said this one was a well made complex vint designed to age a while.

  • By Jeff Siegel - Reply

    Yes, Tony, most wines that are as old as the Archetype have worn out, as Jeff noted. The general rule is that red wines will last three years and white wines two, so the Archetype probably wasn’t any good much after I wrote this review.
    It’s also worth noting that 90 percent of the wine made is not made to age, and the Archetype is one of those wines.

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