Wine humor: One more reason why young people don’t buy wine

Comic Cam Bertrand’s incisive insights into why Millennials aren’t all that interested in wine

The wine business has been puzzled, mystified, and perplexed about reaching younger consumers for years. Comic Cam Bertrand, no Baby Boomer, has some words of wisdom – stop being so snotty about wine.

And Bertrand is damn funny about it, too. His merlot sipping and sniffing pantomime is spot on – and why can’t merlot pair with a Doritos Locos Taco?

Video courtesy of Dry Bar Comedy via YouTube

8 thoughts on “Wine humor: One more reason why young people don’t buy wine

  • By Eric - Reply

    haha hilarious…there’s hope though, at least according to the title of this Wine Searcher article “Millenials finally thirsty for Wine”

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      I read the Wine-searcher post. I wouln’t exactly call it a definite statistical certainty, would you?

  • By Diane - Reply

    I’ve paired prosecco with crackers and peanut butter. It was very tssty.. I haven’t ever done it again, though.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      I used to do pairings with my Cordon Bleu and El Centro studnets with fast food. Not surprisingly, the wine made the food taste better. Cut the sodium, anyway.

  • By Michael Hensley - Reply

    The only thing close to wine young people know is: why have I no empathy? Or (whine).

  • By Rob McMillan - Reply

    Funny! You have to be pretty brave to post something that’s funny these days. Someone is always outraged. Thanks for being brave! Loved it.

    • By Wine Curmudgeon - Reply

      Brave? Me? Who would have thought it?

  • By James L. - Reply

    The maturity of the wine business is directly related to Baby Boomers and Gallo’s Boone’s Farm and the shall we say the availability of a certain illegal smoke back in the 70’s. I saw it first-hand selling Gallo and how the biggest sales were near colleges and university’s. Nothing like an outdoor rock concert back then to increase our sales. When white zin came on board a few years later, the wine transition began to where it is today. The young adults today though are on whiskey, not wine. 10 years ago American whiskey was DOA. Now its on allocation. 50 years in the business, I have seen it all.

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