When wine education fails — badly

The Wine Curmudgeon laughed so hard at this video that I woke up one of my dogs.

Want to know how badly the wine business has educated wine drinkers? Then watch this 2:08 animated short, courtesy of downtowndonald at YouTube. The best exchange? How about: “I don’t like red wine.” “Too bad. This got 95 points.” “Then I’ll buy a case.”

And a word about Xtranormal, the software used to make this video: It was brilliant, and allowed anyone with basic computer skills to make funny little movies. I did a couple of videos here, as well as other sites I have written for over the years. But it disappeared in 2013, and I have never found anything to replace it. If anyone knows of an alternative, let me know.

And a tip o’ the Curmudgeon’s fedora to Kermit Woodall for helping me rescue this post when it vanished for about 18 hours during was I switched servers for the blog.

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