The Wine Curmudgeon’s favorite posts of 2016

favorite posts of 2016

Tilting at windmills is part of the WC’s job description.

These five posts weren’t necessarily the best read, but they were among my favorite posts of 2016

A Wine Curmudgeon year-end top 10 list is different from everyone else’s. That’s what makes me the WC, after all. Hence these five posts, which I thought were among the best I wrote in 2016.

Note that these aren’t necessarily the best-read posts, which is a completely different thing given how the Internet works. These are the posts that I enjoyed writing, thought were important to write, or both. But, for whatever reason (all hail our overlords at Google!), they didn’t get the attention they deserved.

Here, in no particular order, are my favorite posts of 2016:

Amazon has apparently invented a grocery store that doesn’t need a cash register or employees; you’ll be able to walk in, get what you need, and walk out, with the items charged to your credit card. But all that skill and money and technology can’t help Amazon figure out a way to sell wine over the Internet and overcome the eight-decade-old three-tier system.

• The annual April Fool’s post, which never does as well as it should. How, in an age when a handful of producers make most of the wine we drink, could readers not appreciate this post? Big Wine to become one company, because “It seemed really counterproductive to be competing against each other since we already dominate the market, most of our wines taste exactly alike, and consumers don’t know the difference anyway,” said a spokeswoman for the new company, The GalConTreas Group.

Kolchak, the Wine Stalker. The annual Halloween post was a spot-on parody of the 1970s Kolchak TV show, and it was funny even if you didn’t know the show or think it was any good. My attempts at revitalizing wine humor always have difficulty finding an audience, which is probably a combination of Google’s algorithm and the idea that wine isn’t supposed to be funny.

Wine and GMO labeling. A reader emailed me, saying I should write about wine ingredients, nutrition labeling, and the skulduggery associated with them. Which, given that I do so a couple of times a year, shows how little attention these posts get. This effort did about as well as the others, even though it brought up several important points, including wine’s exemption from GMO labeling.

The red wine scores bias study. This post, which found that wine critics rated red wines higher than white wines for no particular reason, had decent traffic. But it was mostly from the wine industry and wine geeks, which surprised me. Does the lack of interest among most wine drinkers mean they don’t care about scores? Or aren’t concerned about anything other than what they drink, regardless of score or color?

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