Wine Curmudgeon most popular posts 2019

popular posts 2019
Looks like it’s time to crank out another Barefoot epic.

The Wine Curmudgeon’s most popular posts 2019

The blog is truly part of the Internet as we celebrate its 12th annual Birthday Week.

This means two things: Its reason for being is not necessarily cheap wine, but whatever Google sends its way when someone searches for a wine, a wine term, or wine news. Only the 2019 $10 Hall of Fame made the top 10 list this year. In the old days, two, three and even four Halls of Fame were among the 10 most popular sites.

Second, that the blog is truly international — Beijing was the top city for visitors, with 3.6 percent, easily ahead of Chicago and New York, while Guangzhou (1.1%) was eighth. The U.S. remains the top country, but its share declined by about one-quarter, while China moved up to second from fourth last year.

Meanwhile, traffic was down a couple of percentage points. I think. The blog still got approximately 600,000 visitors between November 2018 and November 2019, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be more precise without paying for a sophisticated third-party app. Google Analytics, for example, says I got about one visitor a month.

What else happened between 2018 and 2019?

• Blog readers continue to get younger (more than half younger than 40) and the number of women continues to increase (2 1/2 out of five). Again, murky counting.

• A different Barefoot wine post took the No. 1 spot this year, Barefoot wine: Why it’s so popular. This 2016 post replaced the long time No. 1, Barefoot wines (again): Value or just cheap?, written in 2010. It dropped to third. And there were three Barefoot posts in the top four.

• The most common search term was “Wine Curmudgeon,” followed by “residual sugar in wine.” Apparently, Google has associated the site with my efforts to label sweet red wine as sweet, instead of pretending it’s dry.

The most popular posts from 2019 — as well as a couple of other highlights — are after the jump:

The top 10 posts of 2019:

1. Barefoot wine, and why it’s so popular. No idea how this reached No. 1 from No. 7 in 2018. In fact, it didn’t even make the top 10 in 2015, 2016, or 2017.

2. The residual sugar post was second for the second consecutive year, and up from fourth in 2017 and eighth in 2016. Now, will producers label sweet red wine as sweet and pretend that it’s dry?

3. Barefoot wines (again): Value or just cheap? Its traffic declined 51 percent.

4. Barefoot wine review 2017. This was third in 2018, but still ranked ahead of the 2018 review (11th) and the 2019 review (29th).

5. A review of a very odd Kim Crawford wine ad, which moved up from 12th in 2017. The comments in the post are particularly harsh, even for a bad TV wine ad.

6. The five day, $3 wine challenge. This is the original 2013 post, and not the 2014 or 2017 updates. Which means I have to suck it up, bite the bullet, and do whatever other cliches you can think of and write a fourth post next year.

7. The 2019 $10 Hall of Fame. The blog’s reason for being returned to the top 10 for the second consecutive year. The 2018 list, eighth last year, dropped to 33rd.

8. The Sommelier cheating scandal update debuted in the top 10, an impressive performance given it was only on the blog for two months. That it did probably speaks volumes about the scandal.

9. Wine premiumization, wine prices, and quality, which so annoyed and so irritated so many producers, but struck a chord with the blog’s readers.

10. The Sara Bee moscato wine of the week, from — believe it not — 2014. This is a Trader Joe’s wine with limited availability, so my guess is that it’s not reviewed very often.


• So much for the rose revolution. The top pink wine post was 24th, a two-year-old effort about Bota Box.

• The $10 wine category was 34th. Sigh. Damn you, Google.

• My shameless SEO post, because damn you, Google. Welcome to the wine business, Sarah Jessica Parker was 17th. It’s not that it wasn’t well-written or shouldn’t have been a post, because it was and it should have. But it shows how key words matter most of all when attracting people to the blog.

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