Wine Curmudgeon edict: No more wine and health stories

The Wine Curmudgeon doesn’t much believe in rules when it comes to wine, other than the only one: If you like a wine, then it’s good and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

But I have finally had enough of wine and health stories. It was OK, all those years ago, when the first news of the French paradox reached these shores. But since then, the stories and studies and research findings have gotten sillier and sillier. Just today, I saw three more — red wine fights inflammation (whatever that is), too much alcohol could lead to cancer (no kidding), and that red wine may lead to improved sexual function in women (big surprise). What’s next, that spammers will push wine instead of foreign lotteries and Viagra?

So here it is — no more wine and health stories. Ever. If you want wine and health news, go here. But you won’t find any on my blog.