Wine business: Watch this beer spot to see how TV wine ads should be done

This example shows how Corona puts TV wine ads to shame

The Wine Curmudgeon, in his never-ending quest to improve the quality of TV wine ads, saw this 30-second Corona beer commercial and the light bulb went off.

Consider that the Mexican Corona is a $7.5 billion brand that got there from exquisite marketing, including the invention of Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that Mexicans don’t really celebrate. In this, its TV ads do a job that wine can’t even begin to understand, as the Yellow Tail Super Bowl debacle demonstrated.

This Corona ad (video courtesy of TrendTV247) does everything the Yellow Tail ad failed at – using sex, a clever tag line, and the beach to sell a very ordinary beer as something special. The irony? That Corona is owned by Constellation Brands, a Big Wine company that also has difficulty doing TV wine ads.