The wine bottle workout: We must stop this scourge now

wine bottle workloutHas wine become so debased that some of us use bottles to exercise with?

The Wine Curmudgeon, constantly on alert to protect us from all of the foolishness that permeates wine, has uncovered yet another plot to ruin what we love – the wine bottle workout.

Check YouTube, and there are dozens of videos – perhaps hundreds – detailing the wine bottle workout, where people exercise with wine bottles in place of weights. It even reached the mainstream, with this bizarre clip from NBC’s Today Show featuring someone who is supposed to be a celebrity trainer using wine bottles in a workout.

Of course, as anyone with an ounce of sanity knows, wine bottles are not supposed to be used to work out. They are supposed to be used so we have wine to drink. Has the republic fallen so far that I need to remind us of this?

Fortunately, Nick Manske has put this all into perspective, with the video below – The wine opener exercise instructor: “Get off that couch and open those bottles of wine, you lazy bums!”